15 Features You Can Add to Your New Pool Design

15-Features-You-Can-Add-to-Your-New-Pool-DesignPools are not just about swimming anymore. Modern pool designs are increasingly about integrating various features that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. In today’s market, there are a whole host of additions that can completely transform your day at the pool and bring a wide smile to your toddler’s face.

Whether you’re considering opting for one of the numerous new pool designs in San Diego or renovating an existing one, today we suggest 15 exciting features that professional pool builders can install to elevate your splashing experience.

What can I do to make my pool more attractive and fun?

When designing your pool, it’s essential to consider both aesthetics and functionality. By integrating some or most of these features, you can create a unique, luxurious, and enjoyable aquatic space that caters to both relaxation and recreation. Whether you aim for a resort-like vibe or a playful family space, these features offer a myriad of options to customize your dream pool.

1. Infinity edges

Also known as negative edges, this feature gives the illusion that the water extends to the horizon, making it perfect for properties with a great view and creating a seamless blend with the backdrop, be it the ocean, sky, or a lush garden.

2. Tanning ledges

Also called sun shelves or baja shelves, these shallow, flat areas within the pool, perfect for loungers or sunbathing while partially submerged in water, can also serve as a safe space for children or pets to play and splash.

3. Swim-up bars

While bringing the resort feel to your backyard, a swim-up bar ensures that relaxation is just a few strokes away, blending leisure with a touch of luxury. This feature allows swimmers to enjoy a refreshing drink without leaving the pool.

4. Waterfalls

Apart from their visual appeal, the rhythmic sound of flowing water can transform your backyard into a zen sanctuary. These not only add a visually pleasing element, but the sound of flowing water can be calming and add an ambiance of tranquility to your outdoor space.

5. In-pool lighting

With advanced LED lighting, not only can you swim safely at night, but you can also host dazzling evening pool parties or simply enjoy a serene midnight swim.

6. Automated covers

By ensuring safety and cleanliness, these covers provide peace of mind, especially for households with children, pets, or those looking to optimize energy efficiency. They also help maintain the pool temperature and keep out debris, cutting down on cleaning costs.

7. Integrated hot tubs

An adjoining hot tub can be both visually appealing and functional, allowing for a warm soak after a cool swim, creating a spa-like experience inside your backyard.

8. Deck jets & fountains

Shooting arcs of water from the deck into the pool or creating bubbler fountains in shallow areas, these features add a touch of drama and elegance. Beyond their visual appeal, these water features can serve as a cooling mist during hot days, adding a refreshing touch to your poolside lounging.

9. Beach entries

Instead of traditional steps, consider a smooth, gradual slope into the pool, mimicking the feel of a natural beach entry. This provides an accessible and safe entry for all ages, especially beneficial for those with mobility issues or for young children.

10. Mosaic designs

These intricate designs allow homeowners to add a personal touch, transforming the pool from a mere water feature into a piece of art. Turn your pool into an intricate mosaic design. From patterns to logos, the possibilities are endless.

11. Automated cleaning systems

In-floor cleaning systems use pop-up nozzles to ensure your pool stays clean and reduces the need for manual cleaning, allowing homeowners to enjoy more swim time and less maintenance time.

12. Eco-friendly features

Consider adding solar heaters, variable speed pumps, or even saltwater systems to make your pool more sustainable and energy-efficient. Beyond environmental benefits, these features can significantly reduce operational costs in the long run, making them both a green and cost-effective choice.

13. Fire features

Fire bowls, fire pits, or linear fire features along the pool edge can create a stunning contrast between the elements of fire and water. Integrating fire with water not only offers a visual spectacle during evening gatherings but also provides warmth for those chilly nights.

14. Hidden grottos & caves

This feature can be a fun addition, providing a hidden space behind cascading waterfalls or within rock structures. Beyond the playful hideaway aspect, these features can provide a shaded area during hot days, offering a cool retreat from the sun.

15. Interactive play structures

Ideal for families, these include water slides, water cannons, and splash pads, turning your pool into a water playground, ensuring that kids and adults alike have various activities to engage in, and making every pool day a mini-adventure.


Who offers a wide range of new pool designs in San Diego, CA?

If you want to design a new inground swimming pool from scratch or would just like to enhance your existing watery arrangement with exciting features, So Cal Custom Pools has the track record and prowess that can transform your backyard oasis into an endless source of amusement and fun.

Drop by the San Diego Zoo with your loved ones while we roll up our sleeves to take your private pool adventure to the next level. We’re always open to listening to what you have in mind and primed to work hard to surpass your expectations. Get in touch with us today!

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