Best Swimming Pool Remodeling Ideas for 2018

swimming pool remodeling ideasIt has been a great and joyful summer at your swimming pool, right? Lots of amazing memories of carefree sunny days are playing over and over in your head, but there are also many swimming pool remodeling ideas that have never even occurred to you! Let us reassure you – if you are considering swimming pool remodeling, in San Diego it is practically impossible you are the only one. Everyone wants to improve their pools once the season is over, so they can be proud of their backyard appearance for the next season! (And maybe make friends and family jealous. Just a bit.)

Swimming pool remodeling – ideas are many, but which one is right for you?

It is decided then, your swimming pool needs to be all polished up and sparkling, which means it is time to remodel! You could always go with pool resurfacing, one of San Diego most popular options, but you should also investigate further into different features that can make a stunning aesthetic impact.

With pool remodeling ideas, it is important to get creative, and nothing really inspires creativity like colors do! Setting up underwater LED lights is an amazing solution to match your mood and backyard style. Just imagine all those summer nights colored in a divine blue or energetic red… After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

What about some out of the box swimming pool remodeling ideas?

Out of the box – into the beach! Beach entry to a swimming pool is lately becoming quite a popular feature, and frankly we are not surprised. As far as pool remodeling ideas go, this one might just have the greatest potential to turn your backyard into a coastal paradise, even though you’re actually at home.

The sloped walkway is a great solution for hedonists who want to feel every step before they submerge into the water completely. You can get playful and create your own design for the beach entry, but we still recommend consulting a professional before you act on any decision.

When you need to think smaller, think smarter!

If you got a bit carried away with all those swimming pool remodeling ideas, it is important to take a step back and try to observe things objectively. Fulfilling your poolside fantasies will depend on the amount of money you are willing to invest into this project, but also the technical capabilities of your backyard and the size of the pool.

Worry not – even if you need to think smaller, your swimming pool can still get a refreshed and beautiful look with a couple of simple features adding to its overall elegance. Throw in a shade-giving umbrella and observe how your backyard appearance changes completely, or install a small tile table inside the pool. Now, this is the perfect place for cocktails and fun!

Choosing between all those swimming pool remodeling ideas? So Cal loves making a difference!

Pool makeover possibilities are endless, but it is good to know So Cal Custom Pools and Spas is here to assist you when deciding between them, or advise you if you feel a bit lost considering all those makeover ideas. Give us a call anytime – together we can transform and upgrade your summer getaway, changing it beyond recognition!

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