4 Family Games You Can Play in Your Swimming Pool

Family-Games-You-Can-Play-in-Your-Swimming-PoolWhat better way to beat the summer heat than to bring the fun out by the pool and enjoy all its perks. With so many opportunities to play and get active, it’s a perfect amusement for both children and adults. Whether you’re enjoying the time with your kids or hosting a party, you can bring it to the next level with some exciting games.

With dependable companies in San Diego, CA, offering quality pool remodels, you can customize the design to fit your family’s needs and enjoy trying out new challenges. Discover your family’s new favorite aquatic game in the following list of the most entertaining ones.

What are the easiest aquatic games to play?

No matter your age or swimming abilities, these games guarantee fun, excitement, and joy, but they’re also great for your health. Pick your favorite or try them all and have the best summer staycation ever.

1. Obstacle course

This is perfectly adaptable to all ages since you can customize it to meet the players’ abilities. Get creative with any available props such as noodles, floats, or hula hoops. Set the starting and the ending point and give clear instructions on how to overcome obstacles.

The following is an example you can use to work out your own course:

  • Go down the slide.
  • Swim to the number 3 and touch it.
  • Float on the back for 7 seconds.
  • Touch the edge with your left big toe.
  • Do a handstand.
  • Go to the deep end and do a cannonball.
  • Gp to the shallow end swimming backward.
  • Do five jumping jacks.

2. Sharks and minnows

This one is especially exciting with a large group. Pick one person to be the shark and set the boundaries the shark can’t cross. The rest are the minnows who start by lining up along one side. Once the shark yells “GO”, the minnows try to get to the opposite side, avoiding the shark. Any minnow tagged by the shark becomes one as well. The last one remaining is the shark in the next round.

3. Duck push

It’s time to bring out those adorable rubber duckies. All the players stand on one end, each of them with a ducky in front of them. The goal is to get the duck to the other end without using your hands. Of course, any other technique is welcome, so let your kids get creative. The winner is the player who reaches the opposite side first. If you don’t have the duckies, you can use any other floating objects.

4. Invisible bottle

You’ll need a clear 2‐liter plastic bottle filled with pool water. The cap should also be clear or white. All the players stand on the deck with their eyes closed and their backs turned to the pool. Toss the bottle into the water and when it sinks, say “GO”. The players can then turn around, go in, and try to find it – the bottle will be almost invisible. The winner is the first player who finds it.

What-are-the-easiest-aquatic-games-to-playWhere in San Diego, CA, can I hire a company that offers innovative pool remodels?

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