5 Common Swimming Pool Problems

Swimming Pool Builder San DiegoA swimming pool is a wonderful addition to any home. It relieves you of stress, keeps you in good shape and boosts the value of your home. When you first thought about hiring a swimming pool builder in San Diego, you may not have been aware of the maintenance routine needed to keep your pool clean, nor the possible swimming pool problems that can spoil the fun. Any pool owner can face some of the following problems:

Electrical issues

You may notice that water is not circulating properly. This could happen because power is not getting to the pump, often due to broken circuits or blown fuses. The pump is the heart of a swimming pool filtration system. Also, a neglected filter can obstruct circulation entirely. And it’s the circulation of the pool water that allows you to filter your water. You should seek the help of an expert instead of trying to fix it by yourself.

Air leak

If the pool filter is clear but the circulation of the pool is poor, there may be a leak in the airline or the pump isn’t working as it should be. If you notice any air bubbles coming out of the pump, this indicates that air is entering the system at some point. You should have an expert locate the cause of the air leakage and resolve the issue.


A blockage or a slow passage of water is quite common, especially if your pool is surrounded by large trees. Clogging can be caused by leaves, small rocks and basically anything that may have dropped in the pool by accident. Apart from causing the filter to work extra hard, large amounts of debris will shorten its lifespan and can cause clogged impellers. Blockages lead to insufficient circulation and, eventually, the growth of bacteria. If you want to prevent clogs and keep your pool water from going fusty, you should skim your pool regularly.

Unbalanced chlorine levels

Have you ever experienced eye irritation up to a point you can’t even see clearly where you’re swimming towards? The irritation will most likely stop shortly after you get out of the pool, but it sure isn’t a pleasant experience. Apart from keeping you from fully enjoying your pool, over-chlorination can result in health problems including lung, eye and skin irritation. On the other hand, low chlorine levels are connected with the formation of algae in your pool. Always test the chlorine level using the chemical testers to ensure the level is not too high or too low. The recommended range for chlorine is 1 – 3 ppm. Keep in mind that water can easily become unbalanced, therefore unsafe to be in, due to poor maintenance.

Cracks on tiles

Tiles are not immune to cracking. But you should know that cracked, dislodged or loose tiles may indicate some underlying condition. Unless, of course, they are poorly installed; a well-installed pool tile usually does not fall off.  Sometimes, they hide a crack in the pool structure behind the tiles. Be aware that when the floor tiles crack, water may dribble into your deck leading to water damage. Waste no time, call a professional right away and get your pool properly repaired or maybe even remodeled.

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