A Perfect Inground Swimming Pool: Design Tips

Tired of work and responsibilities or just want to make the most out of those beautiful, sunny days in San Diego? An energizing swim in a pool just a few steps from your doorstep can make any bad day considerably better.

How to design swimming pool filtration system

If you’ve decided to create a private oasis in your home, you are probably wondering how you might go about designing an inground swimming pool. Fret no longer, because the best among swimming pool builders in San Diego will be more than eager to turn your pool design ideas into a reality.

An experienced pool builder will inform you of all relevant pool safety recommendations and help you carefully consider all your design options, including the filtration, plumbing and lighting for your dream pool and the perfect pool deck. Read on to find out more!

How to design swimming pool filtration system

Safety and cleanliness come first when thinking of introducing a swimming pool into your backyard. If you want your water to be free of microorganisms and parasites, a filtration system is a must.

There are three equally viable options to choose from:  


If you seek a low-cost solution for a large pool and maintenance is an issue for you, choose sand filtration. Unfortunately, this option is the least effective of the three.

Diatomaceous earth (D.E.)

If you want to filter the smallest contaminants and have the cleanest water, opt for D.E. filters. However, these filters are the most expensive, require frequent replacements and entail some safety risks since D.E. can be harmful when inhaled and is thought to be carcinogenic.


If you’d prefer a middle ground, then cartridge filters are a good match. They are a safe, energy-efficient and relatively inexpensive solution for medium sized pools.

How to design swimming pool plumbing

Many difficulties during pool installations have to do with the piping. That is why it is necessary to carefully choose the pipe material. You need to think about its longevity, ease of installation and possible servicing.

How to design swimming pool plumbing

Rigid PVC piping

This standard pool plumbing option is highly durable, can withstand high pressures and can last for ages if properly installed. The downside of rigid PVC pipes is that they can’t be bent which means they are difficult to install, patch or replace.

Flexible PVC piping

Flexible PVC pipes, as their name implies, are much softer and thus easier to manipulate and faster to install. However, these pipes pose a risk when installed in inground pools due to the possibility of termite, earwig and rodent damage and are also less resistant to chemicals.

Some less commonly used piping options are:

  • Chlorinated PVC pipe (CPVC) – a heat resistant pipe intended for specific areas
  • Black poly pipe – flexible and bacteria resistant, but susceptible to freezing
  • Metal piping – less common due to their cost and corrosiveness

How to design swimming pool lighting

Well-designed inground pool lighting is key for enriching your swimming experience. When choosing a lighting plan, however, visual appeal is only one deciding factor – you also need to consider the costs and energy consumption.

Fiber optic and LED lighting are the most popular choices for illuminating your inground pool.

Fiber optic lighting

This type of lighting uses fiber optic cables and a dry box outside of the pool to illuminate water. Because of the dry box, the bulbs are easy to replace and pose no electrical risks. On the other hand, fiber optic lights are costly, less durable and lack brightness.

LED lighting

Compared to fiber optic lighting, underwater light-emitting diodes or LEDs are a longer-lasting, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution which provides more light. The only disadvantage of LED lights is the time it takes to change the bulbs – while fiber optic lights can be changed in a matter of minutes, LEDs can take up to half an hour.

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