How to Design a Pool You Will Love

Modern swimming pool design San DiegoBuilding a pool is a process that should start with defining your wishes and needs. Once you have a clear image of the perfect pool in your head, you can start working on bringing that pool into reality with the help of your trusted swimming pool builder in San Diego. Although exciting, this process can be overwhelming if you don’t plan it right. From visual appeal and the landscape that surrounds your pool to choosing pool equipment, you should consider all minor and major details that will affect the outcome.

With so many advances and modern swimming pool design ideas, you may not know where to start. That’s what we are here for! Follow these guidelines and your decision-making process will become a whole lot easier!

How do you want to use your pool?

To be able to start thinking about the pool design and in-pool features, you first need to determine the primary use of your swimming pool.

So why are you building a pool? Are you going for a modern swimming pool design that will make your pool a head-turning focal point of your yard? Are you a swimming enthusiast or plan to throw lots of pool parties? Perhaps you want a lounge or play area?

The shape of your San Diego pool will be defined by many factors, including the pool’s purpose, features, visual appeal and size of your backyard and house.

What features you want to include?

After you define the purpose of your pool, you can start planning other features and landscape around your pool, like a spa, an outdoor kitchen, decking, cool lighting, tropical plants, and more.

It’s unlikely that you will be the only person using the pool so take your partner and children into consideration. Younger kids would love a water slide, while teenagers would rather hang out with their crew by the pool so a pool shelf or swim-up bar could be a nice addition.

The options are endless and, even though you are not going to install all these features right away, it’s good to keep them in mind. Therefore, whenever you decide to add them, they will complement your pool design and the aesthetics of your San Diego home.

Think about materials

Carefully select materials for walkways, decking, and other surfaces. They can make or break your entire pool design. There is a vast range of possibilities, including paving stone, mosaic tile, concrete, brick, tempered glass, hardwood, etc. Use them wisely to create whatever ambiance and environment you want.

Privacy and convenience

Consumed with all these ideas and details, people tend to forget to include two important things in their planning: privacy and convenience. Use attractive fences, trellises, and walls as your allies and position your pool, landscaping elements, and garden structures strategically until you reach a satisfactory level of privacy.

Now don’t forget other practical issues such as where you will put your pool equipment, chemicals, and other supplies. Is there enough room for pool accessories as well? Do you need a place where people will change or where you will keep snacks and refreshments? The pool area, your house, and any other facilities need to be positioned and connected in a way that people can easily navigate between them.

Modern swimming pool design and first-class pool construction in San Diego

Pool construction, remodel, updates, creative landscaping, and features… You name it! So Cal Custom Pools and Spas can do it all! As one of the leading pool contractors in San Diego, we have the skill, experience, and equipment to bring any idea to life! Call us and we can start planning your one-of-a-kind modern swimming pool design today!

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