Everything You Need to Know About Pool Resurfacing in One Place

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A swimming pool is the source of joy for the whole family throughout the summer season and a perfect place for throwing the most amazing parties. Still, even if you went for the best quality material when installing your San Diego swimming pool, remodel is inevitable at one point in time. Pool resurfacing is usually a remodeling priority, as the top layer of the pool is most prone to cracks and discoloration. If you have already discovered signs of aging or blisters, it’s time to consider the best pool resurfacing San Diego options, but make sure you first get acquainted with the following basics for the best pool remodeling results.

What does pool resurfacing mean?

Your swimming pool is probably made of concrete, but finishing materials vary. When considering pool resurfacing, San Diego professionals will most likely ask what the finishing layer of your pool was made of. The quality and type of these materials directly affects the durability and functionality of the swimming pool.

The most common pool finish material is pool plaster, but pebble and quartz finishes are also used as the final touch. Fiberglass finish is only used for fiberglass swimming pools, not for the more durable concrete ones.

What are the available pool resurfacing San Diego options?

You can choose from a vast range of finish materials options according to your preferences and inherent characteristics of various surfaces.

Pool plaster is the cheapest option on the market, but it requires resurfacing more often than the alternatives. Paying an additional amount of money for pebble or quartz finish results in enhanced durability and an improved and polished look of your pool for a longer period of time.

When should you turn to pool resurfacing San Diego professionals?

Spots, crack and small holes are first warning signs that the waterproof membrane of the pool needs immediate attention. You may be wondering what can you do to prevent pool deteriorating from happening, but even with proper and professional care, pools do get damaged over time.

Assuming you’re not a pool resurfacing professional, it is not recommended that you dive into the pool fixing endeavor by yourself. Pool resurfacing San Diego professionals are trained to deal with numerous swimming pool issues, and they can advise you on proper resurfacing materials and future maintenance.

Rely on the best company for pool resurfacing, San Diego!

Swimming pool resurfacing, San Diego is just one element of pool remodeling. You might, however, get all creative about additional features you would like installed within your piece of summer paradise and decide to go all out. Whichever option you choose, we have great news – So Cal Custom Pools and Spas is the place to go!

We will open a whole new world of pool remodeling possibilities to you. Not only with the end-result look beautiful, but also increase your property value. Go for elegant solutions such as colored landscape lighting, attractive fences or mosaic-tiled walkways, and create the water kingdom of your dreams with the help of San Diego’s very best, So Cal Custom Pools and Spas!

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