Top 3 Reasons Your Swimming Pool Is Losing Water

Why is my inground pool losing water

So you’ve noticed a drop in the water level of your swimming pool. Like most homeowners who found themselves in this situation, you likely assumed you have a pool water leak on your hands that will require the help of professional San Diego, CA, swimming pool contractors to fix. 

While a leak is definitely a possibility, it’s far from the only reason why a pool may be losing water. In order to help you find the source of your problem and better understand how your pool works, we have prepared a list of 3 most common causes of water level drops in inground pools. Read on. 

Why is my inground pool losing water?

It’s important to remember that, no matter which season you’re in, your swimming pool can lose inches of water per week. Natural causes such as heat, humidity, and wind can all contribute to pool water loss. 

Learning about these and other factors that affect the water levels in your pool will keep you from thinking you have a leak when you don’t and help you maintain healthy water and chemical levels in your pool at all times. 

Here are the top 3 reasons why your pool is losing water:


A typical pool naturally loses about a quarter of an inch of water to evaporation on a daily basis. If your pool is covered with a safety cover or a solar blanket, it’ll lose even less than that. Furthermore, pools in dry climates lose considerably more water than the ones in humid areas.

You can figure out if your water loss is due to evaporation by performing a bucket test. Simply fill a bucket with water and put it near the pool so that it’s exposed to the same wind, humidity, and temperatures, then compare water levels at the end of the day. If the water loss is the same, that’s a clear sign it’s caused by evaporation.


Excessive splashing can lead to a considerable drop in your swimming pool’s water level. If a bunch of children or a lively group of adults is going to be in your pool, you should take note of the water level before all the splashing begins. 

You’ll be surprised to discover that a sizable amount of water can be lost in this way, so be ready to either limit all the cannonballs, jackknifes, and belly flops, or replace the lost water after your guests are done playing in the pool. 

Pool leaks

Sometimes, the water loss really is caused by an actual pool malfunction. If you suspect you may have a leak, you should inspect your pool ASAP or have it inspected by a trusted pool contractor. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by checking if any fittings (ladders, skimmer assembly, diving boards, etc.) are loose
  • Look for small cracks in the step corners
  • Inspect the pool walls for signs of cracking
  • Look for any loose tiles near the water line or other areas of the pool
  • Check the state of the pool’s lights and their canisters to make sure they’re tight
Where can I find the most reliable San Diego, CA, swimming pool contractors

Where can I find the most reliable San Diego, CA, swimming pool contractors?

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