4 Swimming Pool Remodeling Ideas for 2022

Swimming-Pool-Remodeling-Ideas-for-2022With the pandemic shifting our focus to our homes, the last couple of years have been quite challenging  As a result, people have put additional effort into making their houses and backyards even more comfortable. With the summer at its peak, the swimming pool has become the number one place to relax and have fun.

If you’d like to upgrade your swimming area, you can easily reach out to a reliable company that offers pool remodels in San Diego, CA. However, if you’re not sure what’s trending this year and need some fresh ideas for a more modern look, read on and find out the latest trends.

How can I make my pool look more modern?

If you always look for new ways to add value to your home and make your staycation and leisure hours delightful, the following ideas will help you make your backyard look like it comes from a fairytale. Check them out.

1. Grotto

A grotto can have a dramatic but also pleasant effect. It’s a special kind of rock waterfall where a flat stone arches over the water. The grotto is the area behind the waterfall which you can design as a niche or cave.

This little hidden spot can serve as a resting place for catching some shade, an exciting place for kids to play, or a hideaway when you want some privacy. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can add upgrades and equip it with a sound system, LED lights, submerged benches, or even turn it into a tiny spa.

2. Swim‐up bar

While you can see a lot of swim‐up bars in resorts, these have only recently become mainstream in residential areas. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also encourages social interaction. If you’re a fan of entertainment and throwing backyard parties, this is a feature you definitely must have. There are different ways to incorporate it into your backyard, but the main design includes the countertop, the barstools, and the vault which is a recessed spot on the outside for a bartender.

3. Rock slide

If you’d like to have an amusing slide that fits in the natural surrounding of your backyard, it’s an excellent idea to blend it with a rock waterfall. That way, your builder can incorporate the custom slide, also known as landscape slide, into the corresponding waterfall design. The custom slides are also available in natural colors, making them an aesthetically amazing addition rather than a feature that juts out.

4. Glow-in-the-dark mosaic

A very cute and popular trend is to incorporate sea life-themed mosaics. You can design your own underwater world with your and your kids’ favorite fish and other details. From tropical fish to turtle families, you can choose anything that makes you feel closer to nature. Furthermore, these amazing tiny creatures can now also be visible at night thanks to the available glow‐in‐the‐dark mosaics.

How-can-I-make-my-pool-look-more-modernWhat dependable companies offer the best pool remodels in San Diego, CA?

If you’d like a perfect spot for you and your family to relax, sunbathe, and play fun water games in your backyard, reach out to So Cal Custom Pools & Spas. Thanks to our modern approach and highly trained staff, we’re always able to meet our client’s needs and fit your ideas into design in the best way possible. Whether your backyard is in Mira Mesa or another neighboring area, we’ll be happy to set you up an appointment and discuss all the details about your backyard ideas. Call us today!

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