Top 4 Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

How do I exercise in my swimming pool during winter?

If you’re like most Americans, you’d probably love to have reputable swimming pool contractors near you build a quality pool or spa on your property. After all, pools are a source of endless fun and they save you money in the long run by enabling you to take “staycations”.

But did you know that owning even a small residential swimming pool can be extremely beneficial to your and your family’s long term health? That’s because, in addition to giving you a place to exercise, pools save you time and help keep you relaxed.

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What are the 4 biggest health benefits of owning a swimming pool?

How much people exercise on a weekly basis has a lot to do with convenience. It’s easy to avoid hitting the gym or going to the Swanson Memorial Pool if you can easily find an excuse to stay home, such as not wanting to deal with bad weather or a long commute. 

A swimming pool on your San Diego property not only ensures you always have a private and instantly accessible place where you can exercise, it’s also safer and better for your health than lifting weights or going hiking. 

Here are the top 4 health benefits you can get from a swimming pool:

1. Low-impact exercise

Swimming puts a lot less strain on your body than other cardio activities such as jogging or using the stepmill. This makes swimming an excellent option for people who suffer from sore joints or arthritis, and enables you to exercise even when you’re tired.

2. Great for cardio

Due to the low-impact nature of swimming, you can do cardio all day long without heavily straining your body or risking injury. Unlike running or riding a stationary bike, swimming will never give you sore muscles or swollen feet.

3. It relieves stress

There’s no better way to relax after a long day at work than by sitting in your pool and watching the sunset. This has a deep therapeutic effect that reduces stress and helps you stay mentally and physically relaxed. 

4. Builds stamina and strength

Even though swimming doesn’t put a huge strain on your muscles, the water itself has a certain density that you constantly have to “fight” in order to get from one side of the pool to the other. This makes for a superb way to work out multiple muscle groups at the same time and build lasting strength. 

How do I exercise in my swimming pool during winter?

Many people are worried that they may end up investing in a pool, only to then be unable to use it for the majority of the year due to bad weather conditions. The reality is that keeping your swimming pool open year-round is very much doable (and also affordable).

As long as you live on the west or south coasts, a quality pool heat pump can keep your pool water warm throughout the year. In fact, even if you’re located in a colder climate, a heat pump can still add another six months to your pool season. 

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What are the 4 biggest health benefits of owning a swimming pool?

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