How Your Swimming Pool Can Help You Lose Weight & Tone Your Body

How do I tone my body in my swimming pool?

Being an American in the 21st century is great. We have one of the highest standards of living, we live much longer than our ancestors, and we get to have nice things such as cutting-edge swimming pools in our backyards

Unfortunately, we also tend to lead sedentary lifestyles. This lack of physical exercise makes it difficult to stay in shape and can even cause you to develop all kinds of health problems later in life. A gym membership can help, but what if you don’t have the time or don’t like lifting weights?

Simple! Find a trusted swimming pool contractor near your location and have them enrich your San Diego home with a world-class pool that will serve as both a place to workout and a source of endless entertainment. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your pool.

How do I use my swimming pool to lose weight?

Swimming is the mother of all workouts. It’s safe, it’s low impact, and it doesn’t require specialized equipment or training. It’s also one of the best exercises if you want to burn fat.

Here are a few beginner-friendly exercises:

  1. Just swim

    Believe it or not, even leisurely swimming melts calories like nobody’s business. Swim a few laps, take a break, then swim some more. Build up your condition so that you can do many laps without needing to take a break.

  2. The bicycle

    Rest your elbows on the side of the pool or grab onto the pool ladder, and move your legs like you’re pedaling an imaginary bike. In addition to burning calories, this exercise will also strengthen your legs, shoulders, and core. 

  3. The ball

    Burn belly fat by standing with your right leg bent and your left leg pushed back. Grab a ball with both hands and keep it positioned in front of your belly. Hold it like that for half a minute, and then switch legs. Do this five times on each side (or until you get tired).

How do I tone my body in my swimming pool?

There comes a moment when beginner workouts no longer cut it. This is great! It means you’re getting stronger and are ready to graduate to more challenging (and more rewarding) exercises. 

Here are two advanced swimming pool workouts:

Pro swimming

Swim across the pool as fast as you can and mix up your strokes. Do as many laps as you can, take a break, and then do them again, and so on and so forth. This will boost your metabolism, burn hundreds of calories, and strengthen various muscles throughout your body. 

Use weights

Grab some weights and bring them into the pool. The water will add additional resistance to every move you make, which increases the intensity of the training. Just make sure to buy weights that have been specially designed for use in a swimming pool. 

How to find a reputable swimming pool contractor near your location in San Diego?

How do I use my swimming pool to lose weight?

Aside from helping you lose weight, stay healthy, and get a nice tan, swimming pools bring many other benefits. These include boosting the value of your property, providing endless fun and relaxation for your family, and helping you stay safe from COVID-19 by removing the need to visit public pools such as Swanson Memorial Pool.

As the leading pool contractor in San Diego and the surrounding communities, So Cal Custom Pools & Spas is superbly equipped to build the swimming pool of your dreams or give your existing pool a new, modern look. Get in touch with us today!

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