What You Need to Know about Infinity Pools

Infinity Pool - swimming pool contractors san diegoAn infinity pool is a gorgeous addition to a luxury hotel or a seaside resort. It is an eye-popping focal point of a landscape and the staple of decadence. If you want to take your luxury home to new heights, there are a few things you should know before installing the infinity pool. Gain a deeper insight into what infinity pools are, how they work and what it takes to maintain them. Swimming pool contractors San Diego residents rely on will give you the answers, so read on!

What are infinity pools?

Also known as negative edge pools and vanishing edge pools, infinity pools create an optical illusion of an endless horizon and edgeless experience. Water is allowed to flow over one or more edges, blending into another body of water, the surrounding landscape, or the sky.

How do they work?

To achieve the “infinity” effect, pool designers need the edge to be invisible. This side of the pool needs to be a bit lower than the water level and slightly sloped downward away from the pool. This way, overflowing water can fall over the edges into a catch basin sitting beneath the vanishing edge.

Are they difficult to maintain?

Infinity pools require standard water chemistry and maintenance. However, water in an infinity pool evaporates faster, which can affect the chlorine levels so they need to me checked more often. Also, keep in mind that it’s not only the main body of the pool that needs to be treated; the catch basin acts like a small pool and needs regular pool care, as well.

The good news is that the water goes into the basin and then returns to the upper level, creating greater flow. Given that water flows continuously, leaves and other debris don’t have lots of time to sink to the bottom of the pool.

Therefore, infinity pools have naturally cleaner water. Just make sure that the filters are free of debris so that the water can flow back to the pool freely.

Are they suitable for every backyard?So Cal Project - swimming pool contractors san diego

Infinity pools remain an unrealistic aspiration for the majority of people. They are most commonly found in tropical resorts or luxury homes, overlooking an ocean, sea or the sky.

These design marvels are space-consuming, though, so if you have a smaller backyard, you may not get the best effect. Also, infinity pools are easier to construct on a gentle slope. Steep slopes or flat land require more engineering work before the installation.

Infinity pools are best suited for properties with beautiful scenery. If your San Diego property is spacious and has a great view of the ocean, an infinity pool will create the stunning effect that no other type of swimming pool can match.

Consult #1 swimming pool contractors San Diego

Building an infinity pool is a complex custom job. Only skillful and experienced pool designers, engineers and landscape architects can undertake such a project and deliver the desired results.

Don’t settle for any pool builder – choose the best! So Cal Custom Pools and Spas are one of California’s true custom pool contractors with state of the art craftsmanship and superior customer service.

As swimming pool contractors San Diego residents put their trust in, we will first inspect the land to better understand the properties of the ground you’re building your pool on. Our team of professionals with vast experience will then work with you to create your dream pool and surpass your expectations. When we finish, the only thing left for you to do is take a dip and enjoy the marvelous spectacle and unparalleled bathing experience.

If you want a pool that is unique, functional and exceptional, don’t hesitate to call us at 760-547-4573. We will help you create your own retreat and a truly unique aesthetic in your backyard!

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