How to Choose Pool Design and Shape

SoCal Custom Pools and SpasSan Diego with its perfect climate is a wonderful place to live in and enjoy those sunny days by taking a swim and diving in the fresh water whenever you want to. A swimming pool is a must-have for every San Diego homeowner and if you don’t have it already, it’s high time you took the plunge and found the right pool contractor in San Diego.

Besides deciding on “who” and “when”, you should choose a design, shape and size of the pool, and it’s not an easy decision to make. So Cal Custom Pools and Spas, a trustworthy swimming pool contractor in San Diego with more than 20 years of experience in business, can help you with these three major points and complete the construction process in no time without a hassle.

As one of the most valuable features of any home, a well-designed swimming pool is the source of entertainment, relaxation and recreation, and it also adds beauty to your yard. It’s so much more than a hole in the ground filled with water. Our experts have prepared a few basic points you need to know so that you can make the best choice for you and your family and have your own backyard oasis.

Location: Keep in mind the yard

The first thing you should consider before you start checking out pool designs is the available yard area. Each yard is specific. Its proportions and position will greatly influence your decision about the pool’s shape, size and placement. Also, to avoid additional costs, plan carefully the location of the pool so that you don’t have to move existing installations and utility lines.

Think about all the outdoor activities that might take place in your back yard. To make the planning easier, think of a yard like a puzzle of activity zones. You might have an outdoor kitchen area, a deck, a children’s play area, a planting area and a lawn. And now you’d like to add a pool area. All the zones must be harmoniously connected.

Your pool zone should include a deck, surrounding landscape and adjoining patios. Building a pool in a small yard might be challenging, but with thoughtful and creative designing and engineering, you can make it work.

Keep in mind that as a San Diego homeowner, you’ll need to get yourself informed on the construction rules and requirements and apply for a permit with the city of San Diego.

Pool designs for every yard size

Pools can take any shape, from the basic rectangular to a freeform or a completely custom designed one. So many design options can be overwhelming, but with proper planning and the help of a trusted swimming pool contractor in San Diego you can choose the shape and style that match the architecture of your house and landscape.

Even if you’re set on a pool design that doesn’t complement the overall architecture, you may try to make it work by introducing a transition area. Use walkways and plants to avoid a clash in styles.

You’re going to spend more time looking at your pool than swimming in it, and if you don’t like what you see, it may decrease your desire to use it and the overall experience and satisfaction.


You should consider four aspects when thinking about the materials: safety, comfort, durability and appearance. Use non-slippery materials with nice and welcoming appearance. You need to choose materials for the coping, the deck and the interior of the pool, as well as for the water line.

The color range depends on the type of the material. Keep in mind that darker colors absorb more sunlight. More sunlight means a higher temperature of the surface and, respectively, less comfort.

You can choose from fiberglass, concrete and vinyl in-ground pools and each one comes with its pros and cons.

Becoming increasingly popular, fiberglass pools have many advantages such as quick installation, low maintenance, negligible or no lifetime cost and the algae-resistant surface that is gentle on the feet. The disadvantage is that they are not customizable and have limited size, shape and design options.

If you are looking for a pool wider than 16’ and deeper than 8’, decide on a concrete pool, which offers numerous design possibilities and blends in beautifully in the overall house design and the landscape. Concrete is highly durable and customizable but on the other hand, concrete pools are the most expensive to build and maintain.

Though affordable and appealing, vinyl lined pools present maintenance problems, have a short life expectancy and don’t add value to your home like the other two options.

Whatever material you choose, keep in mind that a certain level of maintenance is necessary to keep your pool clean.

Contact a reputable pool contractor in San Diego

Before getting your heart set on any type of the pool, contact So Cal Custom Pools to get further information, help, advice and the pool you’re looking for. Each project is carefully designed and managed by our team of highly skilled and experienced pool designers and builders. We use top-quality materials and offer the most innovative design concepts, including one-of-a-kind swimming pool design based on your wishes and specifications. Exceptional workmanship and customer service are our number one priorities.

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