Pool Resurfacing: Available Options in San Diego

No matter how diligently you take care of your spa or swimming pool, regular use, weather conditions, and shifts in the earth will eventually cause wear and tear that will result in the pool surface starting to chip, crack, peel, or even leak.

When this occurs, your pool or spa will require the expert attention of certified pool resurfacing professionals in order to regain its original functionality. This process is known as pool resurfacing in San Diego, CA, and is something every spa or pool owner will eventually have to deal with.

What are the available pool resurfacing San Diego options

Previously, we wrote about what exactly constitutes pool resurfacing and what the superior pool resurfacing material is, and explained why pool resurfacing is crucial. Now, we’ll tell you what the best pool resurfacing choices are, and why. Read on to learn more.

What are the available pool resurfacing San Diego options?

Today’s pool resurfacing options are a lot better and more varied than they were decades or even just years ago. The huge number of materials and features available today means you can use your resurfacing to truly personalize your pool and give it a gorgeous new look.

The three most popular options for pool resurfacing include:

  • Plaster is the cheapest, and therefore the most commonly used material for pool surfacing. As it’s not very strong, it often requires resurfacing after only a few years. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to repair when it chips.
  • Pebble is actually a combination of rock pebbles and plaster, with the pebbles covering most of the surface. Pebbles are available in a huge variety of colors, and are quite durable, making them a popular surfacing material. However, they’re also rough to the touch and prone to falling out once the plaster that holds them together starts to wear down due to daily wear.
  • Concrete is by far the best resurfacing option because it’s the most durable, can be painted in any color, and can be poured in any shape. Problem areas can be fixed by simply pouring more concrete over them and smoothing it out. Because of all these advantages, concrete is often used in public pools such as the Clairemont Pool.
Where can I book superb pool resurfacing in San Diego, CA

You may be tempted to try and resurface your pool on your own, but we advise you against it. Resurfacing is a complex process that’s unlikely to be performed correctly by a layperson, especially not in a way that complies with crucial swimming pool regulations.

Amazing features you can get while resurfacing your pool:

  • Modern pool lightning comes in many vibrant colors and effects that can truly make for an eye-catching spa or pool. From energy-efficient standard lightning to fiber optic lightning, there’s a huge number of excellent options for your remodeled pool.
  • Pool landscaping and decks have also gone a long way. Your pool contractor of choice can enhance your pool with wonderful features such as fountains, waterfalls, streams, and landscaping options like foliage and tropical plants.
  • Useful custom features like tanning shelves, swim-up bars, spas, and benches can also be added to your pool during the resurfacing process.

Where can I book superb pool resurfacing in San Diego, CA?

Here at So Cal Custom Pools & Spas, we can proudly say we’re the leading pool and spa contractor in San Diego. We provide superior pool and spa resurfacing services that are reliable, cost-effective, and rendered by a team of award-winning pool technicians.

Call us today and get your free estimate. We’re eager to meet you and give your pool a top-of-the-line makeover that you and your family will be proud of. 

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