What is Pool Resurfacing & Why It’s Important

What-is-Pool-Resurfacing-Why-Is-It-ImportanYour swimming pool is a place of recreation where you can spend leisure time with your loved ones while being in the comfort of your own yard. What’s more, an updated pool can greatly increase the appeal and value of your property. That’s why it really pays to make sure you invest in the best pool resurfacing you can find in San Diego.

Now is the time to make sure you bring function and luxury to your pool area and ensure it’s ready for warmer days. If you’re still not sure about doing this, we’ve prepared a text that further describes the process of resurfacing and explains its necessity and importance. Read on!

What does it mean when a pool is resurfaced?

Pool resurfacing is the process of removing the old pool surface, and preparing and implementing a new one. This project can solve problems such as wear, cracks, stains, discolored plasters, or flaking while also enhancing its aesthetics.

It’s a task that should be performed at least once in ten years and completed using methods that suit the existing pool type and the needs of its owner. Although it may sound daunting, choosing this process is much better than replacing the whole unit because it is more affordable, can be finalized real quick, doesn’t require you to obtain extensive permits, and will improve your comfort and overall curb appeal.

Why does a pool need to be resurfaced?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider resurfacing your pool:

Your health

A damaged and/or corroded pool will easily let unwanted chemicals inside, heightening the risk of waterborne illnesses. Apart from not being able to keep track of the chemical balance in the water, you and your family can get cut or otherwise injured by the cracked surface. By resurfacing your pool, you’re ensuring it’s a safe environment for your loved ones.


A cracked pool will cause water to leak into the surrounding earth. Losing that much water will not only significantly increase your water bills, but also pose a threat to your property due to soaking the ground around it. Avoid these problems by thinking about renovating your pool on time.


It’s not visually appealing nor guest friendly to have a pool full of cracks and corrosion. A discolored or damaged pool is not really an example of an inviting environment. Apart from that, if you’re planning to sell your property, an unsightly pool that’s in poor condition can lower the value of your property or frighten off potential buyers.

Saving money

By investing in repairing your swimming area, you’re ensuring you start with a brand-new pool. This means you’ll spend less money on maintenance, especially in the beginning. Apart from that, you won’t have to worry about water bills due to trying to maintain the level of water inside your swimming pool.

Real estate value

Resurfacing your pool considerably increases the value of your property. This means that you won’t only invest in your commodity but also in your home if you ever decide to sell it. By resurfacing your pool, maintaining it, and keeping it aesthetically appealing with various updates, you’ll maintain or even increase the real estate value you invested when building it.

What-does-it-mean-when-a-pool-is-resurfacedWho offers the best pool resurfacing in San Diego and the area?

If you’re in need of someone who can quickly remove the old pool surface and replace it with a brand-new look, you’ve found the right company. With years of experience, the finest materials, and the latest industry practices, So Cal Custom Pools & Spas has all that it takes to successfully upgrade your pool area.

From changing the shape of it to replacing or adding equipment, our reliable and seasoned experts can meet all your pool-related needs and requirements. We offer custom spas, landscaping, a diverse range of waterfalls, negative edge sliding, and many other options you’re free to choose from.

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