Essential Information for Future Inground Pool Owners

Having a swimming pool is a dream of many. It’s an amazing addition to your house, one that can completely transform your backyard. From a lawn or a garden to a big inground swimming pool complete with pool house, outside kitchen, gazebo and sunbathing chairs. The possibilities are endless. 

But, before you started thinking about your dream pool, you’d probably stopped and asked yourself this question: “Is there something important that I should know before getting a new inground pool?”. Maybe you’ve already looked up and decided on what type of inground pool best suits your needs, but there are some things you should know before making a final decision. Here is some crucial information for any future San Diego inground pool owners. 

What do I need to know before putting in an inground pool?

You may have already envisioned your perfect swimming pool. You can already picture yourself and your family enjoying yourselves in your newly remodeled backyard. But, keep in mind that there are a lot of steps to take before that dream can become a reality. Once they are taken, your ideal inground swimming pool can slowly start taking its shape. Here’s what you should take into consideration: 

  1. Yard suitability 

Taking into account all relevant safety standards, first and foremost, your pool shouldn’t be under any overhead electrical or any other utility wires. If there are any above the area where you planned to build your new pool, they would need to be rerouted first.

Furthermore, any utility lines that run under your backyard could pose a problem. These may also need to be rerouted first before any construction can even begin. It’s a bit trickier to figure out what runs underneath your yard. Luckily, your house plans should tell you if there are any gas, water, sewer, electrical, or any other utility lines running under your backyard.

  1. Proximity to any body of water

Most people don’t even consider this. But, if you live near a river, ocean, lake, or any large body of water, you must be aware that you probably can’t build an inground swimming pool anywhere within 100 feet of it. Depending on the water table, you might need to pick another spot for your pool or you might not be able to even build one at all.

  1. Terrain

If your backyard is mostly flat, then this is not an issue. Any sort of hilly terrain or slopes may cause a problem, because it would require effort to either get the ground reshaped or build retaining walls, which keep your pool from shifting and sinking. Both of these will increase the construction cost. The other option would be to consider another spot for the pool. 

  1. Legal restrictions
What do I need to know before putting in an inground pool

You should also consider things such as easement and setback requirements. You won’t be allowed to build a swimming pool or any structure on an easement. You can contact your city records offices to find out where the easements are. 

Another aspect to think about are the setback requirements. They are basically the amount of space that is required to exist between your pool or buildings and the edges of your property. Requirements differ from state to state, city to city, so be sure to check with your local development services and have them provide you with your area’s setback rules. They might force you to reconsider the design, shape and the size of the pool, so be sure to figure out what they are early on.

Furthermore, some cities or states impose a rule where you need to construct a fence or a barrier to separate the pool from the rest of your yard and to install a pool cover. They will be necessary to keep your family and children safe, once the pool is in the ground.

Who builds the best San Diego inground swimming pools?

Now that you have all the critical information, you can start planning your perfect inground swimming pool. No more trips to the Pacific Beach whenever you want to have a quick swim. Isn’t that great? All you need to do now is to find a reliable contractor to make your ideas into fruition.

Well, we at So Cal Custom Pools and Spas offer you exactly that! Visit our website and check out our gallery of our past work in San Diego, or schedule a consultation today. With us, you’ll get the top-quality, unique and modern pool you and your family will love!

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