3 Common Swimming Pool Problems and Solutions

Really nice inground swimming pools, especially boundary-pushing, modern-looking ones, can easily become a staple of any modern-day house. However, like with anything, a plethora of problems follow them throughout their lifetime. Some are easily fixed, others require that a professional San Diego, CA swimming pool builder takes a look at them.

Being on the lookout for the first signs of any major problems is extremely important. Swimming pools owners should keep in mind that knowing how to recognize and easily solve even the biggest swimming pool problems, not only prolongs the pool’s life, but also ensures the safety of all who use it. Read on for the most common problems that occur in inground pools.

What are some common problems with inground pools?

Once the long and brutal winter months pass, one of the most exciting things about the warmer weather is opening your pool again. However, it may have been damaged by the cold. And, therefore, before it can be put to use again, you may have to do some pool repair beforehand.

Here are some of the most common problems that inground pool owners face:

  1. Water leaks

Throughout the course of winter, the piping or shell of your pool may have cracked and caused a water leak. The pumps could leak from the shaft seal which may have deformed in the cold, and pool filters can leak on the drain plug, clamp band or air bleeder. If you find the water level in your pool dropping faster than what it should due to evaporation, you’ll need to get in touch with a pool repair professional in your area. Just remember to always check your contractor’s licence to see if they are qualified for that sort of job.

Leaky pool pumps are a common occurrence. Due to the high water pressure inside the pump and its exposure to the elements during the summer and winter months, pumps can start leaking on their weak spots. Usual places from where they tend to leak are the drain plug, broken pump lid or on the pipes that connect the pump to the pool.

Skimmer leaks are usually the most common culprit behind water level drops. On concrete pools, the skimmer can separate itself from the structure. Freezing temperatures can also cause cracks and damage the skimmer.

  1. Algae and water balance

A pool cover will protect your water from the elements and reduce algae growth. Just remember that you might need to run your pump even in the winter months. If even your best efforts aren’t enough and algae still formed, you will need to start with an algaecide regimen to get rid of algae in your pool.

The pH balance of the water affects the growth of algae in the pool. It can also have an impact on surface corrosion and chlorine effectiveness, as well. Therefore, it is important to check your pool’s pH levels and balance it on a weekly basis.

  1. Inground pool’s structural problems

Inground concrete pools have one giant flaw that other types don’t. They can sink into the ground or shift. This is usually caused by the shifting of the soil or by poor construction quality. If you’ve ensured your pool, sometimes insurance can cover the cost of repairing this type of pool damage. But if the money comes straight out of your pocket, remember that the cost of fixing a problem caused by a sinking or shifting pool can go up to several thousand dollars.

Luckily, these extreme problems usually occur only in older pools. With that being said, it is still a common problem many pool owners face.

Reliable swimming pool builders in San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas

For many, going to the South Mission Beach, or any other, is still the best way to enjoy hot summer days. However, there are also those of you that like to have the option of swimming in your own pool, in your own backyard. Keep in mind that this perk comes with problems that you’ll have to address over time.

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