3 Tips for Troubleshooting Pool Problems

A nice swimming pool has been solidified as a staple of a modern luxurious house for many decades now. Pools have become more and more elaborate, and with their complexity came the increase in the number of problems that occur regularly.

If you’re a pool owner, you might think that you won’t ever need to call your San Diego, CA swimming pool builders for help, simply because you know how to fix the most common swimming pool problems. However, that is far from the truth. Numerous issues can arise that you simply cannot fix without specialized equipment that only the pros have. Read on!

How do you troubleshoot swimming pool issues?

The problems with swimming pools have gotten more complex in recent years. As the pools and their structure become more sophisticated and the various new features become standard, the list of common swimming pool problems increases every year.

In reality, you don’t need to own a multi-million mansion to face these issues. With the extreme rise in built-in swimming pool popularity in the recent decade, almost every house in every city’s upper-middle-class neighborhood has a pool in its backyard. 

People have found that having a large backyard is a precious commodity. It is not uncommon to find nice houses built on the outskirts of major cities, with up to an acre of land. It’s then that people realize just how much space has been left unused. “Yes, the green fields are nice, but what if we put a swimming pool next to our house?” is a question that many of you have probably asked yourselves.

With the complexity in the pool’s features, the issues get more complicated. If you consider the swimming pool build code that you have to adhere to, some problems you just can’t fix all by yourself. Here are a few tips to help you recognize what issues your pool might run into and how to act accordingly:

1. Leaky pool

If your pool’s water level is constantly dropping, you have a leaky pool on your hands. This can mean a simple fix because some of the plumbing near the pump might have cracked or the seams might have come undone. 

However, not everything can be so easily fixed. In the worst-case scenario, you might need to contact swimming pool builders to excavate your pool. Sometimes, the pool’s structure might crack and start to leak, due to soil shift and the impact of the weather elements.

2. Green or cloudy water

This is a common symptom of algae being present in the pool’s water. You can try fixing this by adding an anti-algae solution to the water, or with a regular chlorine control. 

If you’re savvy in this type of thing, you can easily do this yourself. If you’re not, it’s always better to call a professional to do it anyway. This way, you’ll ensure that the water your family swims in is 100% safe.

3. Dirty water

If you notice a lot of small debris floating around on the water’s surface or built-up on the pool bottom, this might turn out to be a dead pool pump.

The pool pump is used to circulate water through a series of filters that catch all the small junk that ends up in your pool, making sure that only the clean water runs back into your pool.

Fixing a pool pump is no small task, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, so make sure to call a professional to take a look at it.

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