Pool Contractor San Diego: Reasons to Consider a Pool Remodel

remodeled pool - pool contractor san diegoHaving a swimming pool is a great way to cool down during hot summer days, refresh your body and mind, and relax in the privacy of your backyard. But maybe you no longer like the way your pool looks or you’re troubled with frequent repairs. Perhaps you want to add that one feature that’s been missing for years or the tiles have faded.

There are plenty of reasons for seeking a pool contractor in San Diego or another area you live. Sooner or later, each pool has to undergo a renovation or remodel. Here are a few reasons why.


Have you noticed that the water level has dropped significantly? It could be just evaporation, but if your pool loses more than a quarter inch a day, you’re probably dealing with a leak. In that case, it’s important to have it repaired immediately, not only to save water but also to prevent undermining pool structural components. If you suspect a leak, contact a reliable pool contractor in San Diego and have a professional detect and fix it as soon as possible.

Old system and materials

In order for your pool to last longer and function properly, the essential equipment such as the pump, filter, and plumbing need to be rehashed. Most manufacturers estimate the service life of the pump motors at 8-10 years.

On the other hand, filter cartridges usually have to be replaced after one or two years, depending on the size of your pool, how often it is used and how well it is maintained.

Also, the piping system, electrical wiring and pool accessories like the heater, skimmer and chlorinator should be checked regularly for electrical or mechanical issues.

After years of usage, the tiles, decking, and lighting are likely to wear down. You may consider updating the interior surface of the pool. During a pool resurfacing, a pool contractor in San Diego or another area you live will drain the pool, remove the old pool surface and install a new one.

Change of lifestyle

Maybe your family has grown or your lifestyle has changed, so you’d like your swimming pool to be the best fit for your needs. Also, if you have installed your pool years ago, you may feel its design is out of style. Hire reliable swimming pool designers to bring contemporary standards to your pool.

You can add various features and make it more enjoyable. LED lights in color combinations are an amazing addition to your pool area. Add a waterfall or spa to make your own vacation paradise in your backyard or surprise your children with a new play step or a bench. With landscaping additions like tropical plants and foliage, your backyard will turn into a private outdoor oasis.

Safety improvements

Ensuring that your pool has up-to-date safety features is one of the most important reasons for remodeling. With pool fences, safety nets and a safety cover, your pool will be both an enjoyable and a safe place for everyone. Though a permanent fence is recommended, you can decide on a removable one and use it whenever the children are around.

Even pool lifts and ladders can be added along the edge of the pool, to ensure that any injured, elderly or disabled relative or friend you have can safely and effortlessly access the pool.

Dream remodel with your trusted pool contractor San Diego

Fall is coming soon, and so is the perfect timing for the pool renovation or remodel! Plan it out with your trusted contractor San Diego. So Cal Custom Pools and Spas will help you create your dream pool and spa or remodel the existing one.

Contact us and we will enhance the look of your pool with the latest high-tech features and conveniences. From a classic to customized pool, we can help you create the perfect backyard getaway. Your wishes and satisfaction are our #1 priority!

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