Add Fun to Your Pool with a New Water Feature

so cal custom pools and spas - pool contractors san diegoWater features can transform your pool area into a relaxing oasis and backyard retreat. They are a great way to create a delightful ambiance and increase enjoyment. So why not add a splash to your pool with a new fun water feature and start looking for pool contractors San Diego?

Here’s how you can make a statement with your pool as a show-stopping centerpiece.


Once considered extravagant, waterfalls can be found in many backyards nowadays. Pool contractors in San Diego can work wonders with water even if your pool or spa area is relatively small.

If you have room for something more elaborate, you can add a waterfall that flows from a nearby rock wall and complements your full-size naturalistic waterfall with music and lighting.

You could create a clear-water arc that silently and delicately falls into the pool below. This type of water feature fits in well with geometric pools, where a rock waterfall may seem out of place.

There’s a myriad of other types of waterfalls you can add, as well. Consult an experienced and knowledgeable swimming pool professional about the design concepts and possibilities.


Fountains are another common addition to a pool. They add flair, beauty and elegance to your outdoor space. Most swimming pool fountains are installed into the pool return fitting and use the existing plumbing.

You may consider adding a sparkling multi-tier fountain. It is a spectacular sight to see in any backyard setting. Introduce the element of fun with a small free-floating fountain that spews water in the air. You could also put on a light show with a color changing LED fountain or multicolor LED sprayers.

Spill-over spas

Create a spa area attached to your pool where you can relax in the warm therapeutic water. Spill-over spas are designed to be incorporated into the in-ground pool to add the comfort and ambiance only a spa can provide.

With a customized spill-over spa, you can match your landscaping and meet your needs. Whether you aim for a traditional or modern look, you’ll get a luxurious and relaxing outdoor retreat, and experience a whole new level of stress relief.

Water slides

Add a water slide and make your pool more enjoyable to be in. Your pool will become a true water playground for children.

Water slides come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are ones that provide a straight and quick drop to the pool, others with a gentle curve and even longer ones that spin into corkscrew turns.

You can have a water slide installed into other features like rocks and landscapes. It has to meet safety guidelines and drop into water deep enough to be safe for the swimmer.

Dock jets and bubblers

You can add a playful element to your pool with decorative dock jets of water or bubblers. Dock jets are sprayers that send a thin stream of water up in the air. They are installed on the pool deck.

Bubblers are like mini geysers that are usually placed in a shallow part of the pool called a sun shelf or a wet deck. Because they are built in the pool’s shell, bubblers have to be installed during the construction process or a major renovation.

You can turn these water features on when no one is swimming and make your pool fun to look at. Add special decorative lighting features to kick a pool up a notch. LED bubblers will create an exciting lighting effect.

Looking for pool contractors San Diego?

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