Revamp Your Pool with These Smart Ideas, Part 1

Smart Remodeling Ideas - pool contractor san diegoAre you are dissatisfied with the look of your pool? Maybe you just moved into a house and want to remodel the existing swimming pool into your own backyard retreat. We’ve got some great news for you!  There’s a myriad of smart and creative remodeling ideas that an experienced pool builder San Diego can turn into reality.

Here are a few solutions that can improve your pool’s look and functionality.

LED pool lighting

Upgrading your basic pool lighting to LED lights can take swimming in your pool to a new level. Digital technology and lively rainbow colors can boost the aesthetic appeal of your pool and set the mood for any occasion. Whether you’re swimming or relaxing outside of the pool, you will be amazed by the transformed look of your backyard oasis.

Another great thing about LED lighting is that it is energy efficient and easy to maintain. Illuminating your pool won’t have a major impact on your energy bill. Also, LED bulbs have a much longer life span than halogens and incandescent bulbs. They can deliver great performance for even ten years without replacement.

Pool resurfacing

Resurfacing can revamp the look and feel of your pool and take away the dull appearance of your current finish. Pool resurfacing is highly recommended if the surface of your pool is damaged. The damage can take years off of your pool’s life span.

One of the most popular choices for pool resurfacing nowadays is an aggregate finish. It gives the owner a chance to create an attractive and long-lasting finish. It comes in various colors and incorporates other materials such as shells and stones, which can help you create an impressive swimming pool right in your backyard.

And if luxury is what you are after, cover your pool’s interior with tiles. Glass tiles are the most elegant solution and can truly give your pool a stunning, high-end pool finish.

Waterline tile replacement

The waterline tile is both a protective and decorative element. When it’s damaged, it should be removed and replaced in a timely manner. If you have an older pool with a waterline tile strip or you had some waterline tiles cracking or falling off, contact a pool builder in San Diego or other area you live.

This will also give your pool a more modern, like-new look, especially in combination with pool resurfacing. You can choose a tile that will enhance the pool’s appeal by creating visual contrast and interest.

Water features

New water features are a refreshing addition that can transform your pool by making it more fun and enjoyable to be in. Install a water feature, or a combination of features, to create and enhance any kind of ambiance you wish. Water features can give your pool a focal point, a sophisticated look or maybe even a touch of mystery.

A water slide will make your pool more kid-friendly and turn the pool into an aquatic playground for your little ones. For a dramatic effect, you can add a natural rock waterfall. The soothing sound of water flowing through rocks will help you relax and unwind from a stressful day.

Get your dream remodel with #1 pool builder San Diego

So Cal Custom Pools and Spas is a reliable pool builder in San Diego that can help you design and create your backyard oasis to match your needs. Whatever your idea of the perfect retreat may be, we have the skills to bring your dream to life. For a free estimate, call us today at (760) 547-4573!

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