5 Reasons to Install LED Pool Lighting

LED Light - Pool Builder San DiegoLighting is an essential tool for enhancing the visual appeal of your pool. LED lights can not only add the wow factor to a pool but they can also save energy and money in the long run. Any pool builder San Diego pool owners trust will tell you that LEDs last longer, consume less electricity, and emit more light than traditional lighting.

Feeling tempted to LED it out? Read about a variety of benefits that LED lighting can offer!

Energy-efficient solution

LED lighting is great for saving energy on your swimming pool! It comes with a major advantage – exceptionally low energy usage compared to conventional lighting. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) consume even 85 less power than incandescent bulbs.

While LEDs use only 20-50 watts, incandescent bulbs consume as much as 300-500 watts per hour! As you can see, brighter light doesn’t necessarily mean higher energy usage. By installing LED lighting to illuminate your pool, you will actually reduce your electricity bill!

Long life span

LED light bulbs are designed to last longer than other light bulbs. Many LEDs have a rated life span of up to 50,000 hours or even more. This means that if they operate for 12 hours a day, LEDs could last 12 years before needing replacement!

Such an exceptional life span helps LEDs to achieve even greater energy efficiency, lowering the total cost of lighting. What’s more, the long life expectancy reduces maintenance costs of replacing bulbs!

Low maintenance

LED system is easy to install and maintain. Hire a pool builder San Diego residents trust and they will upgrade your pool’s lighting with LEDs in no time!

Given that LED lights have a long operating life, they can last for years before needing replacement. Opt for lower maintenance and you won’t have to deal with all that hassle of changing your old underwater or pool lights!

Environmentally friendly lighting

LED lighting is also an eco-friendly choice. LEDs are free of toxic materials such as harmful gases or mercury so they are good for the environment. Each step, from the design stage to the disposal stage, is carefully engineered to lower both the manufacturer’s and users’ carbon footprints.

Let’s not forget that upgrading your pool light to LED lighting also helps you save money. This makes light emitting diodes a win-win option for any pool owner interested in going green.

Special features to set the mood

LEDs are a fabulous way to illuminate your pool with vibrant colors! Advances in digital technology, a number of operating modes, and handy remote control features allow you to control your LED lights and set the mood for any event or occasion.

Choose from dynamic, color-changing or single modes to create a unique, aesthetically appealing atmosphere for night swimming. Rainbow colors can make your pool come alive and enhance the amazing features of both your pool and your backyard!

Choose a pool builder San Diego pool owners rely on

Reach out to the best pool builder San Diego can offer and let skilled and certified pool pros handle your pool remodel project! SoCal Custom Pools and Spas can help give your swimming pool a new, refreshing and unique look! Call us at 760-547-4573 and find out more about a range of options to give your pool a makeover!

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