Revamp Your Pool with These Smart Ideas, Part 2

So Cal Custom Pools and Spas - San Diego swimming pools and spasIf you got tired of the same old look of your pool, you can find your inspiration in numerous San Diego swimming pools and spas made to be the perfect backyard retreat for their owners. Then hire a reliable pool builder to help you create the pool you envisioned. As we pointed out in our last article, you can make dramatic changes with some simple and smart pool remodeling ideas.

If you want to add a contemporary look to your pool and you are on the hunt for creative solutions, here are a few options you may consider.

Add a Spa

In San Diego, swimming pools and spas often come together. Homeowners choose to add a spa to their pool for health, social and entertaining reasons. You can also have your own place of peace and calm where you can enjoy the hot water and soothing massage without going to a wellness and massage salon.

A spa can truly help you ease the tension and stress of a long, hard-working day. You will instantly feel happier and healthier. With a suitable design, this addition will not only improve your quality of life but transform the look of your swimming pool and the entire backyard.

Upgrade your pool equipment

Embrace of the advancements in technology and upgrade your swimming pool equipment to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Consider the equipment designed to make your swimming pool less expensive to operate, such as energy-efficient pool pump and filters, as well as solar-powered features. There are plenty of models of higher efficiency pool pumps, plumbing, filters and lights to choose from.

Convert your pool to a salt water system

Converting a chlorine-based pool into a saltwater swimming pool is one of the major trends nowadays. A salt water pool system uses salt to produce chlorine and sanitize water.

Swimming in salt water may seem like swimming in the ocean, in your very own backyard! Salt water is gentler to the skin and easier on the eyes. Swimming in salt water is also good for the sinuses.

Installing a salt water pool system is a cost-effective solution, as well. You’ll see that maintaining your salt water pool is simple and generally more pocket-friendly. And you will no longer have to buy, store and handle chlorine!

Install a misting system

Taking a dip in your pool is a great way to cool off in the summer. However, summer days often reach scorching temperatures in California. Therefore, spending time in and around the pool may not be as comfortable as you would like.

An outdoor misting system may be just the solution you need to help keep you cool when you get out of the pool. Install a misting system in the lounging area of your pool and enjoy your time by the pool even more!

Best San Diego swimming pools and spas

So Cal Custom Pools and Spas is a pool builder San Diego residents trust. Over the years, we have built some of the most beautiful San Diego swimming pools and spas and helped the homeowners create their perfect backyard oasis.

We can design and build the swimming pool you envisioned or remodel the existing one to your liking. Call us at (760) 547-4573 and we can start bringing your idea to life!

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