Swimming Pool Construction & Design: Common Pitfalls

Where can I find the top swimming pool contractor in San Diego
People rarely think of it that way, but building or modifying a swimming pool very much counts as a construction project. And just like any other construction project, it requires careful planning, quality materials, and excellent workmanship in order to be completed properly and on t
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When & How Are Swimming Pools Renovated?

Where can I find first-rate pool contractors in San Diego
Nothing lasts forever, and swimming pools are no exception. No matter how sturdy or expensive your pool is, it’s eventually going to become damaged due to exposure, shifts in the earth, and water’s ability to slowly dissolve almost anything it comes in contact with. 
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The Importance of Pool Resurfacing

What is the average cost to resurface a pool
Nothing lasts forever, and swimming pools, unfortunately, are no exception. Like every other part of your property, your pool will eventually become damaged by regular use and exposure to external factors. This is called “normal wear and tear”. When this occurs, you’
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Swimming Pools in San Diego: Signs of a Bad Pool Contractor

Signs of a Bad Pool Contractor
It’s an unfortunate reality that every profession has its share of businesses and individuals who simply aren’t any good at what they do. Although the free market naturally weeds out the majority of these companies, some still manage to stick around despite providing sub-p
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Don’t Forget to Ask Your Pool Contractor These Important Questions

Where can I hire pool contractors near me in San Diego
Swimming pools are truly wonderful things to have. They look gorgeous, provide relaxation and exercise for the entire family, and automatically raise the value of your property. However, before you start typing “San Diego pool contractors near me” into a search engine, the
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Pool Resurfacing: Available Options in San Diego

pool resurfacing in San Diego, CA
No matter how diligently you take care of your spa or swimming pool, regular use, weather conditions, and shifts in the earth will eventually cause wear and tear that will result in the pool surface starting to chip, crack, peel, or even leak. When this occurs, your pool or spa will r
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What Is Swimming Pool Resurfacing & Why Is It Important?

san diego pool resurfacing
Swimming pools offer amazing value. They look lovely, they’re used for both relaxation and exercise, and having one greatly boosts your property’s value. However, since they’re a structural feature, they require proper and regular maintenance that will preserve their
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What Are the Top Pool Resurfacing Options in San Diego?

Why I Should Resurface My Pool
Swimming pools are one of those things you’ll never regret getting. They provide an opportunity for both exercise and relaxation, look gorgeous and increase the value of your home. However, like all other parts of a house, they will eventually require repairs. When the surface o
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What Does It Mean to Resurface Your Pool?

A swimming pool is a great addition to any home. It provides relaxation and exercise, it looks good, and it automatically raises the value of your property. However, it also needs specialized maintenance to retain its great appeal and utility. When a pool’s surface starts chippi
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How Deep Should Your Swimming Pool Be?

Should my pool have a deep end
Just like the homes that have them, swimming pools come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and depths. How deep your swimming pool should be depends largely on your and your family’s needs and preferences. Still, if you’re considering hiring a San Diego swimming pool remo
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